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Amateur astrology

Block 3 Main base module
Block 4 Lunar calendar
Block 5 Career guidance
Block 6 Your income
Block 7 How to find your partner
Block 8 Housing issue
Block 9 To parents about kidsМЕдицинская-астрология-2.pngМЕдицинская-астрология-5.png

Webinars and esoteric courses

Webinar "Power of Family"
Course "The Art of Self-Defense"
Webinar "Natural Healer"
Webinar "What is sublimation?"
Webinar "Procrastination or" Tomorrow Syndrome "


Psychological webinars

Webinar "Learning to go old close to nature"
Webinar "Learning to say no"МЕдицинская-астрология-2.png

International center GALAXY VISION

International Astrosynthesis school for profession Amateur astrology.

Esoteric. Psychology.

Expansion of consciousness vertically! – an in-depth course for gaining knowledge of astrology Expansion of consciousness horizontally! – available knowledge on the topic “How to become happy!


Professional astrology from A to Z Advanced training course Available astrology

“Astrology for yourself”

Esoterics Psychology
For whom? A course for those who do not want:

– work subordinate;

– does not want to work 9 to 18;

– does not want to receive a fixed salary.

A course for those who do not want:

– to stop, but wants to be always in development;

– retrain;

– wasting your precious time and is ready to practice.

A course for those who do not want:

– be an expert or trainer of astrology;

– deal with the problems of other people as a practicing astrologer;

– take a long time to study and pass exams.

Webinars for those who don’t want to:

– contact magicians and fortune-tellers;

– strangers to rule their life.

Webinars for those who don’t want to:

– go to a psychologist;

– admit that he has problems.

The course is for those who want to:

– have a prestigious job;

– have a high income;

– free schedule;

– help people understand their mission.

The course for those who want to:

– deepen their practice;

–  fill in the gaps of the already obtained theoretical knowledge;

– become a confident expert in a field;

– do astrological research

The course is for those who do not mind:

– learning to understand their own birth chart and the charts of your relatives;

– understanding the causes of their problems;

– learning to understand the predictions of their astrologer;

Webinars are for those who want to:

– expand the boundaries of their horizons;

– develop their psychic abilities

– know a bit more than is supposed to be an “average” person in society.

Webinars for those who don’t mind:

– helping themselves;

– listening to someone else’s point of view on topics of interest;

– expanding their knowledge;

– plunge into the origins of themselves.

The reasons to study with us 1st house – variety of directions;

2nd house – adequate payment system (quality = cost);

3rd house – teachers – a team of “playing trainers” led by Tasha Igoshina;

4th house – theory based on practice;

5th house – creative groups to design experimental works;

6th house – compulsory homework;

7th house – dividing students into subgroups by level of knowledge;

8th house – learning through transformation;

9th house – modular education system;

10th house – obtaining an international diploma (certificate);

11th house – online training, video recording format;

12th house – development of esoteric abilities!

Additional reasons to study with us:

– obtaining structured algorithms;

– the ability to choose a topic that interests you personally;

– a lot of practice;

– getting quality homework;

– individual assistance in case of misunderstanding;

Reasons to study with us:

– to understand your own mission;

– to understand how to help yourself to become successful;

– to increase your real earnings;

– to qualitatively expand your horizons;

– to expand the circle of like-minded people;

– understandable presentation of materail,

– vivid examples from practice;

– to get step-by-step algorithms;

– to learn applying knowledge of astrology in everyday life.

– obtaining a certificate at the end of the course.

Reasons to visit us:

– learn new facets of the interesting question;

– usefully spend free time;

– expand the circle of your online friends;

– get an energy recharge;

– the opportunity to get answers to your questions.

Diploma of the course “Professional astrology” Diploma of the advanced training course Note The certificate does not allow you to engage in astrology professionally. Certificates on demand Certificates on demand
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